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Why is food quantity and quality so important in our lives and helps shape our history?


Without food we couldn’t live nor could we have created the other varieties of delicious food we enjoy…it started to become widely scarce and unavailable, therefore we created ways to keep the world population fed in all occasions.

These are just a few quotes from the book that are unique and fun facts:

The appeal of spices: mysterious and distant origins, value of status symbols.

Modern day local food advocates= locavores

Pineapples are the “fruit of kings” and associated with kingly wealth and power. I wonder if the company, WIlliams Sonoma, had any idea of this connotation when they decided to make their logo a pineapple as a representation of hospitality?

In the 1800’s, the potato was hailed as the greatest blessing that soil produces, the miracle of agriculture, that most valuable of roots.

An Edible History of Humanity, written by Tom Standage