Krista’s Bachelorette Party

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Ten women from all different backgrounds, cultures, and locations got together and partied like Rockstars in Hermosa Beach this past Saturday in honor of the soon to be Krista Nally!!! We also enjoy Adult Fortune Cookies straight from the factory … Continue reading

Third Street Boxing Gym Crawl

SAMSUNG © 2012 Collette. All rights reserved.

Yes, we were that group of 71 people at the 22nd Street Cal Train station last Saturday!  This was one of our many stations, including the baseball park in Potrero Hill. We were with Kelly Reid, who is also a … Continue reading

Gift Registry wedding event

Pottery Barn Gift Registry wedding event © 2012 Collette. All rights reserved.

Pottery Barn has become one of my bridal sponsors for wedding decor. We also partnered with Susie Cakes at the most recent event to make the Gift Registry wedding event even more special.

The Macallan 12 tasting event

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When I first saw this event was going to be in San Francisco, I just forwarded the link to Brian and got an immediate response that our tickets were purchased. This is his favorite drink and there is no doubt … Continue reading

Atlas Shrugged

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I am currently reading Atlas Shrugged since I viewed Part 1 on Netflix Instant. I was not able to access Part 2, therefore I purchased the paperback book at a used book store. Yes, I was desperate to find out … Continue reading

Pottery Barn event planning

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Being an event planner and working part time at Pottery Barn has its advantages especially when you are asked to assist in leading a complimentary event planning class at the store on a Sunday morning. Yes, I give away some … Continue reading